Summer Camp 2017 Selection – Rodney

The selection is in. From the scouts we heard from, the majority have chosen Rodney, which is down along the Chesapeake Bay waterfront. Both Mr Mallgrave and Mr. Stine are available this week too. The August 6-12 is Rodney’s last week of camp and typically the number of scouts that week is low, which means there’s a higher chance for our scouts to get all the merit badges and other activities they want… BUT, it’s still going to be important for them to go to the Rodney website soon and select the merit badges they want.

We will register and send out all the information so your scout can start looking over the on-line info and we’ll be talking about it in meetings. Camp cost is $435 if paid by May 1st. That price is all inclusive, including all food and programming fees.

While I hope that most scouts can go to Rodney the week of Aug 6th, if that week is just not possible, your scout can go for a week at “Provisional” which is where scouts from several troop join together for a full week of camp. The camp has its own Provisional Scout Master and assistant. If you’re considering this, your scout could go to Rodney or our own summer camp – Roosevelt. I can help get that organized if some scouts are interested.

Mr. Stine


Selection results spreadsheet is available.