The Merit Badge Counselor is a key player in the BSA advancement program. Whatever an adult’s area of expertise or interest—whether it is a special craft or hobby (Basketry, Leatherwork, Coin Collecting), a profession (Veterinary Medicine, Aviation, Engineering), or perhaps a life skill (Cooking, Personal Management, Communications) — a Merit Badge Counselor plays a vital role in stirring a Scout’s curiosity about a particular topic.



You can help your Scout stay interested in Scouting and help him and his friends with their Scout advancement by becoming a Merit Badge Councilor (MBC).

There are 135 different Merit Badges, covering topics from American Business and Accounting to Woodworking and Wilderness Survival. 

Full List:

Questions you may have about becoming a MBC are answered on the link below, or ask Scoutmaster Dan Conway or Asst SM Fred Stine:

IT’S EASY to do and we could really use more T179 MB Councilors for the December 4th/5th Merit Badge College weekends, and beyond.




Please get started right away!


All forms are located in the  Docs from WHD or GSC or BSA.

Thank you!

American Heritage Merit Badge — ScouterLife


Current MBCs

NameMerit BadgeContact EmailContact Phone
Pretium EleifendAmerican Businessbsa179@outlook.com856-617-HIKE
Egestas OrciArcherybsa179@outlook.com856-617-HIKE
Nullam LiberoDentistrybsa179@outlook.com856-617-HIKE
Erat CursusNuclear Sciencebsa179@outlook.com856-617-HIKE
Praesent suscipitChemistrybsa179@outlook.com856-617-HIKE
Pellentesque RisusPersonal Fitnessbsa179@outlook.com856-617-HIKE
Pretium EleifendProgrammingbsa179@outlook.com856-617-HIKE
Pretium EleifendGeocachingbsa179@outlook.com856-617-HIKE



Merit badge counselors offer their time to make the Scouts of our Troop more well-rounded individuals. Contact them through the central Troop Email Address or with the contact info they share here, and the effort will be initiated by the individual counselor.