Oat Foundry Visit


  • T179 Engineering Trip
  • Saturday, July 13, 2019 (8:30 – 1:30)
  • OAT FOUNDRY (https://www.oatfoundry.com/)
  • FOR ALL Scouts – Tenderfoot through T179 Eagle Scouts that may be home from college

Hey Scouts…do you like to build stuff or think you might? Do you get “jazzed” when T179 has “Build A Hack Night” competitions or lashes the rope bridge together for the Block Party? That’s engineering baby! Can you imagine that some people get paid big-bucks for that.

Let’s learn more about it.

T179 will meet at the Scout Church, drive over to Phila near the Tacony Palmyra Bridge (2275 Bridge St #208A Philadelphia PA) and be shown around a REAL, LIVE ENGINEERING SHOP.

Oat Foundry is an agency of engineers that design and build all kinds of cool stuff for brands and companies. From Split Flap Displays, to industrialized cold brew plants — our team just outside Philadelphia is a fully capable engineering design studio in a prototyping and light scale manufacturing facility. We love building the first one and the first 500.

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