Klondike Derby 2022 is Approaching

Klondike Derby Season Returns for 2022!

1/14/2022: Pine Hill District Klondike, Pine Hill Scout Reservation


More information to come! Mark your calendar!



A Klondike Derby is a competitive event that uses sledges and Klondike Gold Rush themes to complete a multiple “city” course and sledge race, challenging each sled team’s skills and teamwork. The purpose of the Derby is first, a grand outdoor “winter” adventure full of fun and surprises, and second, a way for Scouts to test their basic camping and survival skills.

Reservations must be made on-line; payment may be made online or by mail. Checks must be received by the Council office in Westampton.

Scouts BSA teams will compete in one of two categories, based on the average age of their team members: Scouts = average age up to 13.9 years, and Seniors = average age over 14 years. Webelos are welcome at this event, but will compete in their own challenges.

2022 Leaders Guide, coming soon, includes sled specifications, team equipment list, and more. The health screening checklist is downloadable from this page and is also included in the Leaders Guide.

Rosters: All Scouts and adults participating must be included on a roster and reported at check-in on Saturday. A blank roster form is included in the Leaders Guide, but a roster can also be downloaded from your Registration Portal: The Registration Contact can go back in to the portal to update participants, and access the Reports tab where they will find the Roster.