July 2021 Camping Trip to The Gunks

July 22 to July 25

Thurs – Sun. Meet at Dr. Conway’s house 10 Pershing St.

On this trip we will be day hiking and scrambling over rocky trails in The Shawgunks of New York (“The Gunks”).


This will be the 3rd Gunks trip for T179. Trip leaders are Mr. Stine and Mr. Mallgrave. Dr. Conway is unable to make this trip.

We would like another parent or two to come along. And, just FYI, Moms have gone on scouting trips too.

  • We depart HT 2:00PM Thurs afternoon.
  • Tent camp at a group campsite in beautiful Stokes State Forest.
  • Get up early Fri and head to the Shawgunks of NY, a 1 1/2 hr drive.
  • Day hike both Fri and Sat. We stay on designated trails that have large boulders that we scramble (climb) over (see pics from previous trips). It’s a challenge, but a lot of fun and the views are breath-taking.
  • We tent camp Fri and Sat nights in the large field next to Mr. Mallgrave’s family house up in NY. Wake up Sunday morn., eat breakfast and head home. Should be back in HT by 1:00PM(ish).


Contact Mr. Stine (856-816-8021) or Troop in General (856-616-HIKE)