2020 Summer Camping Swimming Hiking Cooking Laughing Weekend Trip

Troop 179 Summer 2020 Weekend Trip
Mohican Outdoor Center | Delaware Water Gap
50 Camp Mohican Rd, Blairstown, NJ 07825
July 23 – 26

This is a car camping trip meaning we’ll drive our vehicles near our campsites. There are raised platforms and we’ll set our tents up on those. We need to know who all is going so we can plan the driving and tenting arrangements. Please check your calendar and let Mr. Stine know ASAP if you are going and even it you’re not. troop@bsa179.org

While the troop does have several 4 and 2 man tents and that usually meets our camping needs because it’s typically a good thing to have fewer tents filled with scouts, with our intent to social distance, we could use a couple other 2 to 5 man tents. So, please LMK if you have one that we might be able to use so we can factor it into the tent assignments. Usually we have the scouts figure this out, but these aren’t usual times. The campsites won’t accommodate massive tents.

The camp does have wifi in the main lodge. Due to COVID-19, there is a 10 person max, but it does give the opportunity so adults that may need to work have that flexibility.

Scout phone usage: T179 does allow Scouts to bring their phone so they can periodically check in with Mom and Dad and take pictures. But there is no sitting around camp or in the tent playing on the phone, even in the evening. There is plenty of time for that when you get home.

The Troop youth leaders (aka “The Green Bars”) will plan the trip menu, shopping list and go shopping. If your Scout has any food allergies of dietary restrictions, LMK. As always, Scouts can bring their own snacks.

Trip Cost:


Appalachian Mountain Club Past Trip 3
Appalachian Mountain Club Past Trip 2
Appalachian Mountain Club Past Trip 1

2019 backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail to Sunfish Pond. Scouts will be day-hiking these same trails.




  • Meet at WUMC at 11:30am to prepare and caravan. BRING A LUNCH.
  • Check-in 3:00PM – Set up camp, explore Mohican Outdoor Center, Catfish Pond, camp store
  • Patrol cooking.
  • Campfire



  • Breakfast in camp
  • AM: Day hike Rattlesnake Swamp trail/AT/MOC Camp Road. Lunch on trail.
  • PM: Swim at designated MOC Catfish Pond swimming area, canoe and kayak at Catfish.
  • Patrol cooking and Advancement.
  • Campfire.


Saturday Possible Activities

  • Nearby excursion to the Delaware River for swimming and paddling. PFD’s at all times and Troop lifeguard on-hand.
  • Volunteer opportunity – We have been asked by the camp if we can’t help with a short community service project while we’re up there.
  • Hike Up to Sunfish Pond – It’s a 30 min drive to the Douglas Trailhead (Worthington SP. The Garvey Springs Trail is a 1 ½ hour moderate/strenuous hike (I did it solo recently in 45 mins, but I’m “all-that”. 😊 ).
  • We have breakfast at the MOC campsite, drive to Worthington, hike to and eat lunch at Sunfish Pond. Head back to camp and swim.


Sunday Possibility (TBD)

  • Lakota Wolf Preserve stop-by on the drive south to home.



Adult Leaders

  • Dan Conway
  • Fred Stine (856.816.8021)
  • Steve Craft
  • Jeff Mallgrave (former Asst SM T179)
  • Other adults with Youth Protection Training and registration with Troop are welcome to stay and join the event!

COVID-19 Coronavirus Measures

  • Goal to have multiple drivers so we can reduce # people in each vehicle.
  • All wear masks in vehicles and, within reason, around camp.
  • Troop rented 3 campsites which house a total of 18 people. Should be lots of room to social distance..