Merit Badge College 2018 Prep Time is Here

T179’s next camping trip is Merit Badge College down at Mount Misery. Don’t let the name scare you, MBC is fun




  • If you wait until our next meeting (this Thurs), you may not have the time to do the prep-work.


  • It is a camping overnight, but some Scout families need to depart Sat night after dinner, so rides back to town may be available.


What is Merit Badge College?

  1. Merit Badge College is an opportunity to earn up to 3 merit badges and your Tot N Chip (knife and axe safety) all in one weekend. 
  2. T179 joins troops from Cherry Hill, Haddonfield and surrounding communities all taking these classes.
  3. Look at the schedule and decide which MBs you want to take. Most MBs have “pre-requisites,” which are things you need to do before you go. A suggestion is to work on them together. We will do a little this Thurs night… But look at them and do some prep work now.
  4. A Scout is expected by his merit badge counselor to be prepared for class – please read the appropriate merit badge books and visit and print out the requirements and worksheet (in requirements detail) and bring to class.
    1. For example, the pre-reqs of “Scholarship” at Requirements #1 and #3:
      1. Bring in your report card showing you have Bs or better OR bring in multiple report cards to show you’re doing better, and
      2. Bring a note from your school principal saying you have good attendance, show leadership, etc.
        1. Hint: you write up the note and go ask them to sign it this week. If you mention it’s for Boy Scouts, I’m sure they would be thrilled to help you out.

Trip Details:

  1. It’s FUN.
  2. See Parent Permission slip on our OneDrive.
  3. Merit Badge College trip fee is $18. Make check payable to “Troop 179.”
  4. All scouts must be registered for the 2018-2019 Scout Year. If you haven’t already paid the $75 registration, please bring on Thurs. Make check payable to “Troop 179.”

Merit Badge College 2018 File Info Location on OneDrive