Klondike 2017 Recap

Another Klondike is under our belt and, while we have no ribbons to show for it, there were many things for T179 to be proud of….:

Our two Klondike sleds were led by Erik N. and Matthew B. Both did a great job.  There have been “melt-downs” in the past, but not this year and with only 5 scouts per sled (2 of which were Webelos) shows that the sleds had good leadership.  When the T179 sleds came to the Fire Building Challenge where the T179 leaders were stationed, the boys were all having fun and cooperating,

I know this is going to sound like we’re “homers,” but our two sleds performed at the Fire Building Challenge significantly better than many other troops.  It’s surprising how many scouts do not know the basics of fire building.  Ours did.

Our two Webelos, Zach K. and Julian C., both performed well and were good contributors, especially since we only had 5 scouts per sled, we really needed their muscle,

Jack M. has boundless energy and enthusiasm. At the end of the day when butts were dragg’n, he stepped up and volunteered to be the anchor on pulling the sleds from the mess-hall to the other side of camp where truck was parked and climbed every tree at Pine Hill.  His enthusiasm was infectious,

Matt C. and Tim C. both brought much of the scouting skills to each on the Klondike Towns.  I heard they completed the Compass and Orienteering challenge, scheduled for 40 mins., in 5. It shows you that they do get a lot out of the Thurs night meetings,

And, finally, and not to lump them all together, but Ryan C., Thomas D. and Charlie M. all seem to have a great balance of good-naturedness, skills and confidence.  And not afraid to be physical either. Moving the sleds up and down the church step is no easy feat bec they are heavy and you need to stand the sleds on end to get them down the step.  These three scouts were right there doing their part.

Oh, and thanks go out to Mike Clark, Darrin Dezii, and Eagle Paul Dezii for helping us set up and run the Fire Challenge Klondike Town.  And to Steve Craft and Joe Kootcher for running along side the sleds throughout the day.  Having a Cub parent accompany the sleds was a requirement.  We need to encourage more Webs to participate next year.  Last year there were 18.  36 this year and a goal for 70 next.  We should let our Webs know how much fun they had and get more to join Klondike 2018.

Mr. Stine and Mr. Mallgrave