Flag Retirement at Highland Tavern on Oct 21st

Flag Retirement at Highland Tavern

Saturday October 21st 9am

Bring your worn American flag and participate in the honorable decommissioning of it and other flags with the Troop.

What: T179 has been asked to lead an American flag retirement ceremony. This will be a special event¬†and an opportunity for all scouts to earn some community service hours they need for advancement. Come in Class A uniform if you have one.¬† If you only have the Troop’s t-shirt, that’s OK too. I’f you’re on your way to sports practice/game, come in you uniform, but come


Who: All T179 scouts, their families and friends are invited to participate. We will be joined by a two time Purple Heart winner from Gloucester City


When: This Saturday, Oct 21. The ceremony itself will be fairly short – from 9:00AM – 9:45AM. I (Mr. Stine) will be heading over at 8:00AM to help set up and can drive other scouts over if that helps. Let me know (cell-856.816.8021).


  • Set-up is 8:15AM,
  • Ceremony is 9-9:45
  • Breakfast buffet opened to all that attend from 9:45 on.


Where: The Highland Tavern, 308 Orlando Ave., Gloucester City.


Why: Robin and John MacCauley’s (Jack’s Mom and Dad) recently bought the business where they found a large American Flag that had been flying over the tavern for years, maybe decades. T179 will help them retire the flag with dignity and respect.