Cabin Camping Trip 2018-March Cancelled!

The Garden State Council cancelled our Roosevelt Scout Reservation trip since this week’s snow storm resulted in significant damage.  We are using the April 7-8 weekend for the Troop’s famed “cabin trip.”  This was previously scheduled as a troop hiking trip, which will be re-scheduled pending consultation from the troop’s green bar leadership. Thank you, and sorry!

The snow is going to make this weekend’s Cabin Trip fantastic.  Just imagine how toasty and warm Shoebe Lodge will be with the wood burning stove stoked, hot chocolate on the stove and Jiffy pop roasting away.  We will have the cabin heater going, but plan to be outside most of the day taking a compass hike, building campfires, cooking on Dutch ovens and other skills-building activities.

We will be meeting tomorrow night for trip prep.  Do your best to get there.  Here’s the other details…

  • Adult leaders at Dan Conway and Fred Stine
  • This is a winter camping trip, so come dressed to be outdoors.  That means dress like you would if you were going sled riding all day or skiing – snow pants and a warm hat are key
  • We meet at the church Sat morning at 8:30AM.  We should be back in HT on Sunday around 11AM
  • Trip cost is $20, which covers cabin rental, transportation, Sat dinner and Sunday breakfast
  • We’ll be in Shoebe Lodge at Roosevelt Scout Reservation
  • We’ll be sleeping on bunk beds, but still bring a sleeping bag, pillow and sleep pad
  • After dinner is eaten and cleaned-up, you can break out your gaming systems. Not everyone needs to bring every gaming system you have. That is something that you will all figure out tomorrow night.  The adult leaders will have final say as to what games and/or movies are appropriate to play/watch.


Permission form is located on the Troop OneDrive.

This really is going to be a great weekend trip. Ask a friend to join us. They’ll have a blast.