2017-March-25 Cabin Camping Trip

Cabin Camping at Roosevelt March 25-26, 2017

  1. ALL scouts departing Sat morn. The scouts have decided to go down to Roosevelt on Saturday morning instead of Friday evening.
  2. Arrive at church at 8 AM.  Depart 8:15.
  3. Drivers: Mr. Stine, Mr. Martino and Mr. Fischer.  Mr. Nitzberg bringing down Erik, Tim R and Connor in early afternoon.  Mr. Miles will help shuttle scouts back Sun morning.
  4. We’ll be sleeping in a heated cabin in bunk beds.  We will be hiking through out the day in potentially wet and muddy trails.  So I suggest, at the least, bringing a change of shoes, socks and pants.  You may not need them, but if we cross a swamp or jump across some streams, we may get wet/muddy.
  5. In addition to the usual camping items, I suggest you bring…
  • LUNCH for Sat.
  • $20 trip fee
  • parent permission slip signed (see OneDrive)
  • Daypack with refillable water bottle, personal first aid kit, pen and small tablet, pock knife, etc.  Don’t over pack!
  • sleeping bag, pad, and pillow
  • gaming gear,
  • toothbrush
  • camp chair